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Baraka Women Group center

Baraka Women Group center comprises of young mothers.   
The group engages in the creation of tailor-made Ankara clothes, Kenyan baskets (known as kiondo) made from sisal, handcrafted trays made from the ropes of the enamel tree found in Turkana, and material bags made from Kenyan traditional attire.
The Group received an initial loan of Ksh100, 000 from the Uwezo Fund, and currently practicing table banking with a revolving fund of Ksh100, 000 among their members.
Miriam Wanjiku, representing the group, praised the initiative and encouraged the youth to apply for loans from the fund. 
She emphasized the importance of investing in potential enterprises as a means of creating employment opportunities.
“This initiative has created significant impact on me personally, my family and the group members owing to the meaningful engagement “Wanjiku said